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229% Funded On Kickstarter!!!

The 2015 Spring/Summer Collection is ago -and this couldn't have been possible without you! This project will give us the footing we need to launch our brand in a very professional direction and you will be able to easily see our growth and development taking effect more and more on a weekly basis in the months to come. This is awesome! Together, as an independent community, we are paving the way for a product that challenges society, and therefor would have been laughed off of the market or silenced almost immediately -just 10 years ago. When you spend your money on something you cast the most effective vote you are capable of.

Remember -give your money to the causes and people you believe in, do not empower the hand that holds you down! There are companies, products and individuals all over the world right now, who are independently trying create a solution for the crisis that threaten our long term survival, and the homeostasis of our beautiful planet. It is our dream that through our sunglasses, you may learn to commit yourself to more conscious consumerism, and lead yourself to a whole family of products and services that make a statement about our environmental and social crisis.

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